The ABT Advantage

Before you place one of your largest financial assets, your home and trees, into the hands of strangers, take this quiz.

  1. Is the long term health and beauty of my trees important to me and my family?
  2. Is it important to be able to make informed decisions about the care and management of my trees?
  3. Is it important that the person responsible for understanding and managing my expectations about tree care be the same person who is managing the tree production work on my property?
  4. When I hire a service company are professionalism, fairness, integrity, and respect for my personal property important?

If you answered “Yes!” to all four questions, then we are a good fit! Here’s why…

Clear Communication: First I’ll listen intently to make sure I understand your objectives, then together we’ll create a tree care plan that meets your vision and budget. Throughout the process I’ll keep you well informed. When the job is finished you and I will review the job together to make sure we’ve met your expectations.

One Lean Talented Crew: I’ve made a conscious decision to closely supervise one production crew rather than have multiple unsupervised crews running all over town. One well managed production team assures quality work.

Professionalism: Having worked as a manager and trainer in Corporate America for twenty-five years I understand the importance of keeping my word and making my customers’ satisfaction my highest priority.

Experience: Many companies are plagued by constant turnover and have inexperienced people working on your trees. My work crew and I have combined experience working together of over 30 years.  You can rest assured that your trees are in good hands with Austin Beautiful Trees.

Knowledge: Most homeowners don’t take the time to read the latest publications from the International Society of Arboriculture, but I do. I will help you make informed decisions about new tree selection, tree maintenance, fertilization, and hazardous tree evaluation. I want you to have the facts you need to manage your trees wisely.

Safety awareness: ABT promotes a constant consciousness regarding not just the safety of your trees and property, but for workers as well.  We are insured, follow ANSI safety guidelines, and do no “non-essential” pruning of oaks in the spring to reduce the risk of oak wilt on your property and in your neighborhood.tiny-leaf-line-left-taller103